Happy Camper Doughnuts Delight 8 Dyer

This morning our friends Rob Anderson and Loic Marc Rossignon who own and operate a fantastically successful and creative restaurant,  The Canteen,  brought us an assortment of crazy delicious doughnuts from their new venture called Happy Camper where the Little Red Store used to be (next to Canteen).  The doughnuts were all amazing or funny or creative or all of the above. FullSizeRender (1)



There were five varieties: Saturday Morning had Fruit Loops on the top, Bananas Foster oozed a sweet and smoky custard worthy of Bourbon Street, the Hibiscus was tangy and sweet but not too much of either,  Lavender Honey was complex and not frivolous at all, and Chocolate Pudding with sprinkles on top would have made Homer Simpson proud.  Hibiscus was the consensus favorite, but in full disclosure there are none left an hour after they landed in a kitchen with four guys all claiming to be on a diet.

Happy Camper is another ingenious plot to make eating in Provincetown more fun.  After a hot or cold lobster roll at the Canteen, stop by Happy Camper for some handcrafted doughnuts or freshly spun housemade ice cream. Photo courtesy of Shania LeClaire Riviere.