As a chef-owned inn, we offer a full cooked breakfast buffet every day with something for everyone. Breakfast is always included in your room rate, every day.

From savory dishes to sweet delights: fresh-cooked cage-free, organic eggs, breakfast meats and a potato or sweet potato hash, fresh-from-scratch baked breads, muffins and rolls or pancakes/waffles, fresh fruit, Fage Greek yogurt, homemade granola, fresh orange juice, and assorted cured meats and cheeses. We focus on seasonal ingredients and support local farms and artisans. All of this is accompanied by Bonne Maman brand jams and honey, local salt and herbs, Tabasco sauce and Silloway Vermont maple syrup.

We are very proud to feature Captains’ Daughters’ teas made and enjoyed locally with aromatic and inventive blends. Our coffee bar includes a Nespresso machine that produces a small demitasse-sized European espresso and our Keurig machine features Starbucks-brand coffees. Both machines offer decaffeinated varieties.

If you have food allergies, a special diet or food aversions, just let us know, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your request.