Learn about the people and history that make our petit hotel, 8 Dyer Hotel an outstanding choice in Provincetown, MA.



Brandon is a 1999 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Brandon’s love of food took him to a 13-year career with Whole Foods Market in the Washington, D.C., area. A desire to return to cooking led him and Steve to purchase and operate 8 Dyer beginning in 2013.

A native of San Diego, California, Brandon is learning to love the Provincetown winters… but not as much as he loves the heat of the summers. Since 2016, Brandon has been the at the helm at our brunch restaurant, Yolqueria, located at 401 1/2 Commercial Street in Provincetown.


Steve had a full career as an attorney and executive in the federal government and non-profit sector. Many years of travel to dozens of countries help him to be an expert host who understands what leisure travelers want. Steve loves the beauty of Provincetown in any season and enjoys swapping travel stories with 8 Dyer Hotel’s wonderful and fascinating guests.




8 dyer circa 2008

The property in which 8 Dyer Hotel is located has a long history, first as the private home since the late 1800s, and beginning in the 1970s as a guesthouse. The first guesthouse was called Christopher’s and with its above ground pool it had a reputation as fun and a little risqué. In 1996, Park H. Davis, who would later author The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Running a Bed and Breakfast (Alpha, 2001) bought the property and merged its operations with the neighboring inn, The Benchmark Inn, which he already owned. In 1999, Davis tore down the existing structure and built a new, purpose-built inn; the Dyer side maintained the traditional exterior while the back was pure contemporary. The pool was maintained and an indoor Jacuzzi was added. In 2010, the inn, which had been renamed 8 Dyer Hotel, was bought by two Canadians, Frank Rioux and Tim Brown, who dramatically reimagined the inn, and its reputation became upscale, contemporary, and chic.

In May 2013, Brandon Quesnell and Steve Katsurinis assumed the ownership of the inn, and they continue to operate it in the finest tradition of Provincetown guesthouses and building on the history of the building and the characters who inhabited it.



We believe firmly in supporting a culture of caring for those who struggle against disease, violence and injustice and one that protects our environmental treasures while ensuring vibrant arts to make life beautiful.

Each year, 8 Dyer Hotel selects a few non-profit organizations to highlight and support. This usually includes donation of room nights for resale, catered events at the inn and a direct donation. We also like to support organizations at all levels of focus: international/national, state and locally engaged.

8 Dyer Hotel (and our guests) have supported the following not-for-profits: